Presidents Cup Champion
2019 U13 Cal North
Real Madrid
San Jose Futbol Club

San Jose FC Real Madrid (SJFC) is a 501(c)3 non-profit professional youth soccer coaching club for San Jose and surrounding area. At SJFC, we focus on creating a soccer community based on a passion for soccer and learning proper skills in a fun and professional environment. We focus on teaching players to solve problems on the field by promoting imagination, creativity, awareness, and decision-making. Our program integrates modern soccer training methods into an environment where the player comes first. Training activities are designed for players to strengthen their body, develop key skills, build confidence, “read” the game and find creative solutions based on concepts for possession and/or regaining possession.

Real San JoseMore specialized PRO training and more opportunities!

SJFC is the ONLY Bay Area youth competitive soccer organization that has a professional soccer team (Real San Jose, a Pro Premier Division UPSL team) as part of the training staff. Players will not only practice with their teams but also receive specialized sessions in small groups!