San Jose FC Real Madrid (SJFC) is a professional soccer coaching club in San Jose, CA; formed to create a community based on a passion for soccer and on the principles of making the soccer experience fun. We provide soccer education for all levels of players, parents, and coaches throughout the Bay Area. We conduct camps, clinics, and special events for male and female athletes, age 5 – 16 years old through our programs. Coaching education programs are offered and designed for coaches. Player/team partnerships are available for those seeking professional coaching and development towards competitive soccer.


Our leadership has years of experience and our goal is to create a soccer club that is committed to player development where players and teams know and support each other on and off the field. SJFC coaches are “team” coaches with a “club” mentality sharing their talents to meet the needs of individual players, teams and the club as a whole.

SJFC differentiates itself from typical clubs by building character-based education into content focused on the player rather than the coach and emphasizes on creativity and imagination.

 At SJFC, players can expect to receive quality instruction from professionally licensed coaches in a fun and challenging environment. Our coaching staff lives and breathes soccer because they are passionate about the sport. Continuous education with regards to innovative training sessions allows our coaches to develop your child to reach their full potential. Our motto is simple, “Fun, Play, Learn”, inculcating players to give their best, coupled with a positive attitude, which we believe transcends into multiple areas of life.

We want our players to have fun while learning, as a team, the correct skills to play soccer and experience the reward of success when they put their best foot forward.

San_Jose_Futbol_Club_Real_MadridOur Passion

We are passionate about player development. We believe soccer training doesn’t have to compromise learning content for players to have fun. The learning environment is our centerpiece and we are more convinced than ever that soccer training should be an educational experience that inspires players to be creative, perform with confidence, and have fun while improving at playing soccer.

Our Mission

The mission of the San Jose FC Real Madrid Soccer (SJFC) is to advance the personal and athletic development of youth to their highest potential through the sport of soccer. By promoting social interaction, good sportsmanship and delivering high-quality skill development, we will create healthy and responsible players with memorable and valuable experiences.

We use our core values of respect, humility, awareness, passion, and commitment in our decision-making process, our progress as a club, and how we serve our community.

  • To provide passionate soccer environments for players that build confidence and facilitate development.
  • To provide a challenging and emotionally safe atmosphere for player development.
  • To educate parents and coaches as part of the process in providing the most effective environment for player development.
  • To facilitate the growth of teams in providing consistent and ideal player development environments.