The idea of building a program that enhances player development was born out of passion. That passion is based on providing the most effective way to develop players so that they perform at the highest level possible and can independently read the game to make decisions.

“We are passionate about developing creative players” – show passionate/creative image with the textSanJoseFutbolClub_YouthSoccer_BayArea

We teach players to solve problems through a methodology that promotes imagination, creativity, awareness, and decision-making. It’s a model based on the player rather than the coach. It’s about inspiring players to find creative solutions in the game by revealing concepts for reading the game and for making decisions. There can be more than one correct decision for the exact same circumstance ending with the same result – however it is the individual nuances of each player performing within his/her capabilities and playing to his/her strengths and abilities which determine which decision to make.

Player Driven Model

Our programs integrates advanced training methods into an environment where the player comes first. Each training is uniquely developed for each program based on evaluating the talent, experience, and response of the players during each session. The training begins with a central theme and outline. From the outset of the first field session, the progress of players is evaluated and depending on the outcome the theme is either developed more intensely in subsequent sessions or the theme is expanded to the next natural progression. As many exercises as possible are taken to goal so that players experience real game like situations for decision-making and executing with proper technique.


Sports don’t build character, they reveal it!

Player development has improved immensely at producing technically gifted players but struggles to produce play-makers or those who make creative decisions on their own. This is mainly due to the style in which the sport is taught at younger levels. Youth development has followed a very distinctive path through coachSanJoseFC_RealMadrid_Soccer_Clubing and concepts taught from a coach’s point of view rather than from the perspective of the player.

Moreover training methods tend to be inconsistent with how children naturally learn everyday skills on their own.  As a result players don’t learn how to solve problems in their own way but rather the way they think coaches want them solved. The massive growth of the X-Games, where creativity is fostered and celebrated is an example of children running away from strict coaching. Today’s version of BMX, snowboarding, skateboarding, etc. is the ultimate example of children expressing their creativity with virtually no interference from adults.

RMSC’s program uses the style in which players learn to play and is born out of studying how children learn. Even with trained professional coaches with good intentions, players are told what decisions to make in certain situations based on a coach’s vision of how they should play. Young players are NOT trained in an environment to meet the demands of the game with their own solution. They are taught to perform and play the way the coach wants them to play.

As a result, players today display “technical” abilities on a par with the rest of the world. However the average player may not develop the “insight” or “decision-making” skills necessary to find creative solutions to the many variations in tactics they face in modern football (soccer) and which techniques to use with each variation.

“We believe personality is as important as technique.” – show image: team huddle/or team mate helping another

Releasing the Greatness Within

RMSC is a refreshing approach that emphasizes the person as much as the player. Our goal is to go beyond just teaching players to read the game but also to improve their personality both on and off the field. We teach values like respect, faith, humility, and awareness and their importance in forming a character to guide you through tough decisions you face in life. We specialize in teaching players to exceed themselves and create environments that enhance that process, teaching them to make a small change in their psychology, which can immediately transform them as a player. Developing outstanding individual performance for playing in a team environment is a daily standard we set as a staff for every player within our training programs