Real Madrid 2006B – U10

Players born in 2006.

SanJoseFC_RealMadrid_Soccer_Club2006B Boys Soccer (player born in 2006), is looking to add serious, skilled, and dedicated players for the upcoming 2016 season and will compete in the NorCal Premier Soccer League.  Players that wants to play at the TOP level and train year round to achieve to their greatest potential with professional training, please contact

We are committed to train our team to reach their highest potential. Our team focus for this season is to work on technical foundation, individual player development, team strategy, and overall soccer skills.

Each practice our players will learn to developed a foundation of skill including:

  • Technical Warm-up: Emphasis on maximum touches, maximum participation.
  • Technical Tune-up: The players will apply the lessons learned from the technical warm-up into fast thinking, problem-solving exercises designed to challenge the players speed of thought as well as technical speed.
  • Practice:  Small-sided games where players are given the freedom to apply new skills without fear of making mistakes.

The team will practice 2-3 times a week for 1-2 hrs each session and will play 15 – 20 games per season.

The team will never emphasize on winning and mainly focus on individual skill, creating love for game, playing well, playing with flair and without fear, and making your own decisions and learning to learn from mistakes.  This will lead into a winning team!!!